Welcome to Pygame AI’s Documentation!

Pygame AI is a package that aims at implementing a bunch of common algorithms and techniques often used in Videogame AI. It is still a work in progress.


The package is available at PyPI, you can simply do:

pip install pygame-ai


After installing it you only need to import like:

import pygame_ai


import pygame_ai as pai


All of this library’s implementations work using this implementation of GameObject.

You can see how the library works by downloading our Example Game, or you can visit the PyGame AI Guide to see how to implement a simple game using the library’s core functions.

So far these are the major techniquest that have been implemented:

Steering Behaviors

Basic movement behaviors that make in-game characters move in a pseudo-intelligent way. You will mainly be using BlendedSteering and PrioritySteering, but feel free to use any of the behaviors found in kinematic and static modules.

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